"Only Justice Can Stop a Curse" from In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens by Alice Walker p.342

In any case, Earth is my home- though for centuries white people have tried to convince me I have no right to exist, except in the dirtiest, darkest corners of the globe.


So let me tell you: I intend to protect my home. Praying- not a curse- only the hope that my courage will not fail my love. But if by some miracle, and all our struggle, the Earth is spared, only justice to every living thing (and everything is alive) will save humankind.

        And we are not saved yet.

       Only justice can stop a curse.


When I do my nature walks. My beauty walks around the yard, I see things happen right then.


The paintings have become more loose and simple with larger brushstrokes. They are still fairly small, and the finished painting is made in one sitting. You just had to be there. It is of that brief period. I have very painful nerve damage in my right elbow. Looking ahead, the paintings may need to be more loose to accommodate my elbow pain. I am still trying to work with it. How to pin together the insects, pollen and flowers for the insects, what they bring to us -> food, beauty, survival, climate rights and admiration for, women's rights and power. This is what it's about as I see things changing.